How to Find who Owns a Property?

When purchasing or owning property, the most frequent and difficult part is verifying ownership. Dubai’s property market is booming. The biggest metropolis in the United Arab Emirates is attracting visitors from all over the globe. Knowing how to verify who owns a piece of property in Dubai is essential if you’re thinking about making the move there yourself. 

In this blog, I’ll explain a simple method for determining who owns a property in Dubai with the help of our real estate database

But before, here are some things you need to know: 

Why Is It Crucial to Verify Who Owns a Piece of Real Estate in Dubai? 

There are a variety of valid reasons to examine the title deed of a property in Dubai, which serves as proof of ownership. You could be thinking about relocating to Dubai and searching for a new home or business opportunity there. You should verify the property’s ownership before making a large down payment to prevent falling victim to a fraud. 

In addition, it is crucial to examine title documents in Dubai before buying any kind of property. In a similar vein, it may be necessary to verify your personal property by inspecting the holding. You need to be familiar with this procedure.

How do i Find Out Who Owns a Property

Property Listing Sites 

Most real estate websites, such as Zillow, DLD, and Trulia, will allow you to access the property owner’s information. The information these sites provide about previous property owners is useful for more than just home buyers. Real estate agents store much of this data so they can quickly and easily retrieve it when needed. This data is available to the public at no cost, which is a huge plus. Look for public ownership information by zip code or street address. You may even research houses that aren’t on the market right now. 

Public Records 

Records of Title Search public records to learn who the property’s owner is. The Registrar of Deeds or Recorder’s Office is the place to go if you need to research property deeds. Officials in this branch of government keep track of things like property deeds and transfers. These records will include the current legal owner of a piece of real estate in your region. Look for a property’s purchase date, price, and more using an address lookup. 

Tax Assessor in Your Area 

The tax assessor will know who the owner is if they are receiving payment for property taxes. The tax assessor’s database will include everyone who is subject to their jurisdiction. Locate the office of the property’s assessor and request a name and address lookup. To learn more about the property’s owner, you may go through publicly available ownership data. 


Even though it’s not a formal search, asking around for the name of the property owner might provide useful results. Long-term residents have a better grasp of the neighborhood’s history and the ebb and flow of residents. You may get a better idea of the property and any modifications it may have undergone in the last several years by talking to locals. 

How to Check Your Dubai Land Title Online using the DLD?

In Dubai, property owners may also be verified online through the Dubai Land Department. 

  • DubailandTo learn more about Dubailand, please visit 
  • Please visit the “services” 
  • To validate a property or its owner, click on the corresponding option. 
  • You must also enter the land Title Number (located underneath the barcode/QR code on the title deed). 
  • You can find the Contract Year for Oqood at the bottom of the title deed under the barcode or QR code.
  • There are three main categories of real estate: land, apartments, and villas. 
  • To validate, choose the button. 
  • Thus, it will indicate if the title deed is legal, mortgaged, restricted, blocked, or invalid. 
  • To register a Dubai property, you need to provide what kind of proof of ownership?
  • Foreign investors or Dubai residents need to provide the following paperwork.
  • Travel Document (For Residents Abroad) 
  • Emirates ID and VISA (Just for Citizens) (Residents Only). 
  • The Dubai Land Department needs to see these papers (DLD). 

Here Are a Few Land Title Hints for the Year 2023 

  • You can write contracts in any format, even on pre-printed forms, as long as you include the required information. A written deed, however, might be a good idea. 
  • Both the grantor and the grantee must be of legal age to make and accept a grant for the transaction to be valid. Individuals who lack the mental incapacity to enter into legally binding contracts may not function as grantors. 
  • Name both the donor and the grantee.
  • Provide a clear description of the property.
  • Include both the legal terms for the transfer of property and the operational phrases in the agreement. 
  • The agreement must include the signatures of the grantor(s) in order to add additional owners. 
  • You should also send a copy of the agreement to the grantor or their agent.
  • Although grantees often accept documents upon delivery, they may alternatively refuse them. The grantee must accept the agreement.
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