Top 16 Reputable Real Estate Data Providers

There will be a total of $9.5 trillion in the worldwide real estate industry by 2021. Forecasts indicate a 4.8% CAGR in growth until 2030.  A growing market indicates a changing industry, which in turn suggests new possibilities.

Construction firms, hotels, property management companies, architects, and associated industries should focus on the real estate industry right now. To better understand the market and facilitate corporate operations, these fields may gather and analyze data.

Real estate data providers may be a great resource since they have access to a wealth of information that can aid in the expansion of a company. Do you find it intriguing?

Let’s get down to brass tacks and investigate the best real estate data providers available now.

CRE Data

Information about a property or area that is useful for commercial purposes is considered commercial real estate data. This may contain data on the local economy, population, housing prices, and investment patterns. 

Tax records, construction permits, and other information filed with state and local governments are common examples of public sources that provide access to CRE data. 

There’s no need to fork out cash for something that can be had for nothing. The databases holding this information are too disjointed, necessitating too much time spent cross-checking. This is where the assistance of real estate data suppliers becomes invaluable.

Reputable Real Estate Data Providers

Blue Mail Media

Blue Mail Media positions itself as a data-driven firm that helps businesses build effective advertising campaigns with accurate information.

They have collected more than a hundred million records from various sectors for their database. They are one of the leading sources of real estate data, so you can trust that the names, email addresses, and contact information they give for real estate agents, brokers, property managers, and other influential figures in the business are correct.

Data curation services help B2B marketers get in touch with the appropriate people and convert those leads into customers. Assistance with market research, strategy formulation, and reliable data is available to businesses.

Dubai Real Estate Database

Dubai Real Estate Database gives its clients amazing experiences by giving them the most accurate and complete real estate data as well as expert insights that help them stand out in the market. They want to come up with unique solutions that not only meet, but also go above and beyond what their clients want. Since they believe in the power of creativity, they are always trying to improve their platform to meet the constantly changing needs of the market.

Dubai Real Estate Database is more than just a database; they are a reliable adviser who helps their customers reach their real estate goals. They love what they do and work hard to make sure their services are of the highest quality and have a good effect.

TD Insights

When it comes to business-to-business services, TD Insights is unrivaled. They provide a variety of useful services for organizations, including data appending, custom list creation, CRM data enrichment, data profiling, and data validation.

Thomson Data

If you’re looking for low-cost B2B options, go no further than Thomson Data. They deliver on their pledge to provide accurate B2B data by taking all appropriate measures to do so. Thomson Data is able to do this because they update their database every 90 days and only gather data from reliable sources.

Trust Thomson Data if you want qualified leads that convert and help your company reach its full potential. In order to establish credibility with the company, they also provide a sample data set for evaluation purposes.


InfoClutch is a company that offers real estate information to companies, especially ones of a smaller size. Their data is so precise that it has helped advertisers in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia reach their intended demographics. More than a hundred market researchers work together to provide this helpful tool for business owners.

Businesses may narrow their marketing efforts by selecting their target audience based on factors such as location, industry, and job title or function.


REIS tracks statistics on commercial real estate in around 275 major areas and 7,700 smaller ones in its own database. The firm has historical data starting in 1980. REIS focuses on the multi-family sector and provides data on growth, vacancy rates, maps, and more for similar rents. Additionally, they differentiate themselves from other real estate data companies by collecting data down to the individual property level.


Do we want to raise awareness of our company? Alternatively, increase participation in the campaigns. Or maybe you just want to sell to the appropriate people. BizInfor facilitates the successful implementation of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

Not only do they supply information for implementing plans, but they also follow up with firms to see how things are going and help out where they can. This ensures total contentment on the part of the clientele.


InfoCleanse provides information useful for advertising across several channels. Companies in the real estate sector may pick and select the data that best suits their requirements thanks to the extensive segmentation of email and mailing lists. This has made InfoCleanse a trusted data partner for businesses of all kinds.

InfoCleanse’s information is useful for firms who wish to contact their customers by email, SMS, or direct mail.

InfoCleanse has helped companies reach their marketing goals because it delivers on its promises. InfoCleanse is the trusted source for complete B2B marketing solutions and marketing data in the real estate industry.

For almost fifty years, DirectMail has helped companies large and small with their mailing needs. They employ cutting-edge technologies to provide faultless advertising help to companies.

Businesses may use the information they supply to build focused direct marketing campaigns. This has a great ROI and is very cheap to implement. Evaluate the results of these efforts to boost ROI and campaign efficacy. is a reliable choice for businesses just entering the market that want to see concrete results from their advertising.


This American firm is well-known in the industry for its competitive prices. They provide companies with a wide variety of email and mailing lists to use for various purposes. The information they give is useful for generating sales leads, planning strategic advertising, and consulting with industry professionals.


Commercial real estate professionals such as landlords, investors, and consultants may benefit from using CompStak, a commercial real estate data platform. CompStak gathers its information by crowdsourcing from legitimate, working professionals in commercial real estate brokerages and valuation companies. The data source stands out from the crowd because of its open “Exchange” platform, which provides free, independently validated comps data. 


In order to reach brokers, promoters, and other individuals involved in the real estate industry, you should contact eSalesData to get a comprehensive real estate email list. Incorporating eSalesData’s pre-verified ready list into your marketing strategy will save your team time and work.

In addition, they may create a list just for you. For companies that aren’t satisfied with the list eSalesData generates, the marketing department may modify the data to better suit the company’s needs and preferences.


Costar, the largest real estate data provider, covers listings in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and France, and is often the first stop for businesses seeking a real estate data source. They cover more than 2,700 distinct areas and provide data on everything from sales volume and demography to unemployment rates and the most recent market trends. Their freemium version allows you to see whether their services are a suitable fit for your needs.

Green Street 

Green Street is the go-to source for North American and European real estate transaction statistics, predictions, news, and analytical reports. The new mapping and analytics platform from Green Street allows for better visualization of data at the market, submarket, zip code, and property level.

Real Capital Analytics (RCA)

In terms of worldwide transaction data, Real Capital Analytics is unparalleled. Data is available back to 2001, and modules include things like monthly trends, investor profiles, and information on individual transactions. RCA is a trusted source since their data is triple-checked. If you have any queries concerning CRE data, analysts are standing by to address them.


Brokers and managers may use Cherre to consolidate and organize information from a wide variety of CRE data sources. Property details, valuations, taxes and assessments, recorder and deeds, liens and mortgages, community and demographics, borders and points of interest are just some of the CRE data that can be easily organized and managed with the help of the Cherre CoreConnect application. For better, data-driven purchases and asset management choices, use the Cherre CoreExplore tool to get insight into asset performance and market benchmarks. In order to assist teams find more possibilities, create better models, and bring in more funding, the Connections Network links them up with high-quality data providers.

Real Estate Data Providers: How to Choose One

All real estate companies are not the same, and some may give you more helpful data and tools than others. The following are some of the most crucial factors to think about while selecting a property database.

Assess the Validity of the Data 

If the information is confidential, you should investigate the source’s methods of data collection and the frequency of data updates. Verify which CRE databases are being used if any are used by a third party. The reliability, precision, and regularity of updates of various databases varies widely.

Learn About Your Analytical Skills 

Gathering information is only the beginning. Consider the methods and models they provide for integrating information from several sources into a coherent whole, for use in making investment choices. Find out how your provider plans to use all that data, not simply how big their databases are.

Think About How Complete Property-Level Information Providers often need to go outside of real estate databases and perform some cross-referencing to obtain a full picture. You may want to switch real estate data providers if you’re having trouble locating specific regional listings.

Consider the provider’s ability to communicate with you as well. Tools are useful for data analysis, but academics and professionals in the field may provide color and perspective. When the time comes, they can assist you in making sense of the figures.

Think About the Reputation of the Service

Data aggregators in the commercial real estate industry often rely on data from other sources, such as public databases or private companies. The suppliers’ credibility rests on the reliability of their data, thus it’s important to research their track record.

Think About the Area Reached

However, not every source of property information covers every area. Some are restricted to use inside certain nations or areas, while others provide just sketchy information for the rest of the world at large. You will need to rely on non-public sources of data in states and municipalities where disclosure restrictions limit the availability of information.

Invest in High-Quality Information at a Low Cost

It might be difficult to find a real estate supplier that provides not just trustworthy data but also helpful insights. A procurement consultant may remove the uncertainty from choosing a supplier if you are unfamiliar with the rapidly evolving commercial real estate data market.

If your company is considering hiring a procurement consultant, Concertive can connect you with a reputable source of real estate information.

Finding the Best Real Estate Data Provider with Dubai Real Estate Database

We have relationships with more than 30 companies providing data and research services to the real estate industry, and can help you choose the right one for your requirements. We will first inquire as to the nature of your firm, your financial limitations, and your requirements for a real estate data supplier. Contact us if you’re ready to begin your search for a fantastic real estate data source so that you can begin planning your real estate investment future.

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