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You have access to the most current and accurate real estate database in Dubai through WASILA Database.

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For real estate agents, data is a great asset, but it is only valuable if you can gain information from it. These are just single numbers if not. We can create new insights, products, and services using this real estate data, empowering Dubai real estate agents to guide and assist their clients in the most effective manner. The largest and most recent real estate database in Dubai contains information that real estate agents have been gathering for years. Real estate databases are made available to various parties by the Wasila Database.

The difficulties we face extend beyond expert data management. We create tools for accessing real estate data and enrich data. We make use of cutting-edge technology, including AI. Our real estate experts’ expertise and knowledge are combined with this technology.

Real estate database

In today’s real estate investment market, using data is the only way to make informed decisions.

Best real estate database

Relying on the right resources and using real estate research will give you a competitive edge.

Database for real estate

Our database collects narrative information from trusted sources on a monthly basis.

The Most Comprehensive Real Estate Database

You’ll gain a competitive edge by utilizing real estate research and the appropriate resources.

Real Estate Database

On a monthly basis, our database gathers narrative data from reliable sources.

CRM Real Estate Database

The Dubai real estate database is made to eventually help qualified customers. Who stands to gain? It is now simpler than ever to find your prospects, thanks to the Wasila Database dashboard. All the information you require to instantly qualify for a prospect is automatically displayed by our software. A probabilistic algorithm in the Wasila Database can estimate the likelihood that a potential buyer will actually buy a property. By doing this, you avoid wasting time or effort on potential unqualified customers. Using our property database, you can locate the ideal home for your clients with up to 90% accuracy.

Real Estate Agents' Best Resource Database

In contrast to other databases, it contains real estate data. A database is a collection of data that you can find on your computer that has been arranged into a record or file for simple management, updating, or analysis. This information may originate from various sources, including traditional or manual sources, both online and off. Typically, each real estate database houses data gathered from offline and online sources. The program’s fundamental functionality may differ based on the database’s intended users. We discussed databases generally at this point, let’s get more specific.

Real Estate Contact Information

We can provide you with all the information you require about a property or company, including specifics about its physical attributes, rent, capitalization, property history, and previous transactions. It didn’t, however, end there. We can instantly turn you into an expert anywhere by giving you the same knowledge we can about the building and those nearby.

Dubai Real Estate Database

Excel database template for real estate

Making informed decisions in the real estate investment market of today requires the use of ““““““““““data. You’ll gain a competitive edge by utilizing real estate research and the appropriate resources. But how can you tell which platforms are reliable when they all claim to be the best sources of data? Wasila Database has the best real estate database if you’re really looking for it.

List of Real Estate Agents Database

Our clients can view in-depth details about a particular asset or transaction, analyze it in the context of the entire market, and gain a thorough understanding by comparing trends within or between markets thanks to the Dubai real estate database. View the transactions and features contained in some data by digging deeper; this feature makes Wasila Database the most reliable source in the sector.

Database for Commercial Real Estate

We offer users comprehensive real estate information on offers that are appropriate for each Dubai real estate market. Think about data volumes at all scales, from the national to the local. On a monthly basis, our database gathers narrative data from reliable sources. We produce national forecasts and offer accurate information on your real estate investments.

Why Wasila Database ?

Wasila Database draws on a range of reliable sources

Each data set comes from two or more separate reports that are supported by our research. The latest information is always available thanks to the continuous information flow and prompt processing. The most active traders and investors are our clients, and they regularly provide feedback to help us obtain the most precise trading data. Our knowledgeable commercial property research team has carefully chosen, standardized, examined, and verified each commercial transaction.

The local market is the focus of the Dubai-based research team for Wasila Database

Wasila Database cutting-edge technology and sophisticated data science enable researchers to guarantee the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of their data. However, each record is double- or triple-verified, which contributes significantly to Wasila Database, standing as the most reliable source in the sector. Adherence to a clear, open strategy is the fundamental tenet of this process. No definitions are provided, but Wasila Database integrates industry-standards when appropriate and collaborates with industry pioneers to develop common standards. One of the largest asset classes and one of the most significant sectors of the economy is commercial real estate. Additionally, almost everyone visits commercial property every day for leisure, shopping, or business. By giving real-time data and insights to real estate professionals, the wasila Database Group seeks to improve industry efficiency and transparency.

We are aware of the challenges facing real estate investors in finding the right rental property

Wasila Database has developed interactive real estate and community information, including analysis of traditional prices, occupancy rates, seasonal trends, income potential, cost rebates, cash flow calculations, and analysis of financial investments and buyers, in order to assist investors in overcoming the constraints of smart business investments. Our goal is to provide insightful real estate analysis so that investors can choose their investments wisely. We want to make it easier for real estate investors to access investment real estate data so they can choose wisely. The most recent Dubai real estate database, Wasila Database, can be useful in this situation.

We also employ a vast array of resources

Regulatory submissions, press releases, news, and websites are just a few of the thousands of sources we use daily to ensure that you never miss out on new information. Unlike other service providers, we don’t just automatically gather real estate data. We are unique because of the connections we have made with people like you. You will always be the first person on your network to receive actionable and forward-looking information because face-to-face meetings are the foundation of our data collection.

We think that the industry's development depends heavily on the flow of information

We are able to build a better, more open ecosystem in a closed market with the help of a shared value for our clients and business partners. You can save a tonne of time and money by purchasing a real estate agent’s pre-made email list. Your marketing team can generate more revenue by concentrating on their strengths using the leads and other data provided. However, this is not the only way we can offer your company cost-effective solutions.

Before distributing any of our listings to our clients, we verify them

You can provide immediate data on your email campaigns in this way. We also provide all clients with affordable prices. Realtors can send you personalized emails, and you only pay for the information you require. Some customers are only interested in learning about specific aspects of the real estate business.

We are built on real estate data

At Wasila Database, we use a variety of data sources to inform our decisions. We also employ clever and cutting-edge scientific information techniques. With access to the largest real estate database, the most extensive network of field researchers, analysts, and data scientists in the nation, CoreLogic offers the most accurate and thorough information available on the market. Wasila Database offers thorough insights throughout the residential journey by organizing, connecting, and enriching real estate data in a distinctive way. Our continued pursuit of a vision to offer distinctive real estate insights that unite and advance the global real estate industry has led to our success.

We go out of our way to verify the phone number and other contact information we provide you

Numbers and details about gatekeepers are not provided. We essentially put you in front of the decision-makers. Avoid wasting time and effort searching through broker listings to find the appropriate person to speak with.

We offer our clients access to a massive email database with millions of brokers

This is an effective data set that gives you choices as you adjust your marketing approach. To maintain its integrity, our database is frequently audited and updated. We can control systems manually or automatically. It guarantees that each value and field is accurate and current. That does not, however, imply that it is a given. Nothing in the industry, especially database technology, is perfect in our opinion. Numerous things could go wrong during this process. This is why we employ qualified editors to review our data and find errors that may sneak into our lists.

We present to you a concise list of the top realtors in the nation

The real estate agents in this field are the cream of the crop. Our Dubai real estate database connects you with the most skilled experts who prioritize your needs. We give our customers access to a database that is structured effectively.

You can find the broker’s contact information and the correct email address in this way. This information consists of contact details like phone numbers, agency names, websites, and office addresses. Data with attributes is essential. As a result, you can explore new markets and be more competitive in those that already exist. The most recent real estate database from Wasila Database gives you complete information compiled from countless sources and covers over 99.99% of all assets in Dubai.

How to Use the WASILA Database for Your Investment Portfolio

If you’re looking to invest in Dubai property, WASILA Database is a valuable resource that can help you make the most informed decisions possible. With this database, you can research individual property owners and get a better understanding of their investment portfolios. By doing so, you can make more informed decisions about where to invest your money and build a successful property portfolio of your own.

Imagine you are a real estate investor who is looking for new properties to add to your portfolio. You have a list of criteria that each investment property must meet. Now imagine that you could find a list of all the property owners in Dubai in the WASILA database who meet your investment criteria. Wouldn’t that make your job a lot easier?

You can filter the results by location, type of property, and more. This database is a valuable resource for real estate investors with a view of Dubai property prices trend. With it, you can find the best properties to add to your portfolio and make confident and informed investment decisions.

Dubai Real Estate Transactions 2022

The WASILA Database is a searchable online catalog of all the property owners in Dubai. It’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in investing in Dubai real estate, as it gives you access to detailed information about Dubai’s real estate market forecast for 2025 and the property owners in the city.

Our database includes contact details for each owner, a database of property owners, as well as information about the property itself. This makes it easy for you to find the right property for your investment portfolio.

What Types of Data Are Available?

WASILA Database offers a wide range of data that you can use for your investment portfolio. The data is categorized into two types: primary and secondary.

The primary data is the most accurate and up-to-date information that is available on the WASILA database. This data is collected by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and it is updated every month.

The secondary data is a compilation of data that has been collected from other sources. While it is not as accurate as the primary data, it can still be useful for your investment portfolio. The secondary data is updated every quarter.

How to Use the Database for Research?

Now that you understand the basics of the Dubai property owners database, it’s time to put it to use. The first step is to identify your target market. What type of property are you looking for? What’s your budget? What are your preferred locations?

Once you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, start by doing some research. The WASILA database is a great place to start with real estate transactions in Dubai– it has detailed information on all registered property owners in Dubai. You can use this information to find out more about the property owners and their investments.

This information can give you a better understanding of the market, and help you to identify potential investment opportunities. Use it to your advantage and you’re sure to reap the rewards!

How to Analyze Market Trends via Dubai Land Department Transactions 2022

Now that you’ve taken the time to search for relevant data in the WASILA Database, it’s time to start analyzing the market trends. This will help you make informed decisions about which property investments are best for your portfolio.

Start by using the dashboard feature of the Database. This will allow you to view all of your searches in one place and give you a complete overview of investment trends in the Dubai market. You can also use this feature to quickly identify areas that may be overpriced, undervalued, or saturated with too much competition.

Dubai Real Estate Market Overview

You can also use the Database’s chart and graph features to visualize data and compare sales histories for different properties. This will help you identify any long-term trends or sudden changes in price that could affect your investments as well as help you spot potential opportunities and threats in the market.

By taking the time to research and analyze market trends with the Dubai real estate market overview, you’ll have a better understanding of where to invest and how best to build your investment portfolio.

Tips for Using the Database Effectively

It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the available resources in order to make smart investments. The WASILA Database is a great tool for doing just that. However, there are some tips to keep in mind when using it.

First and foremost, be sure to use accurate and up-to-date data. Information changes regularly in the real estate market, so you want to make sure you’re working with accurate data. Also, look for patterns or trends in the data that can help inform your decisions.

Additionally, look for properties with potential for appreciation. As an investor, you want to buy properties that may increase in value over time due to market trends or other factors. Make sure to do your research on a given property before investing.

Finally, take into consideration the local laws and regulations in the area you’re looking at investing in—such as zoning laws, building codes, and tax requirements—to ensure that your investment is legal and beneficial for you as an investor. Being aware of all legalities will also give you an edge when it comes time to negotiate a purchase agreement or contract.

Regulatory Guidelines & Best Practices

Before you start investing in Dubai real estate, it’s important to be aware of the local regulations. The WASILA database is a great way to familiarize yourself with the best practices for investing in the region.

First off, it’s important to understand that real estate transactions and investments in Dubai are subject to certain rules and laws, so it pays to do your research ahead of time. Make sure to check out the website of the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and familiarize yourself with the applicable regulations.

You should also take a look at the ‘Rent Law’, which covers rental contracts and outlines some procedures for landlords, tenants, and mediators. Additionally, there are important regulations relating to ownership transfer fees too, so be sure to do your due diligence on this before signing any agreements.

Finally, always take time to read through all documentation thoroughly before making any decisions— the WASILA database provides helpful information on such matters. It’s essential for anyone investing in property in this region.