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Explore a rich database of the real estate ecosystem of Dubai to gain a competitive advantage in research, marketing, and sales targets. Best for Real estate companies & agents.

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    Dubai Real Estate Database ignites your Business

    Database is the new oil and we are providing it to ignite your real estate business. Real Estate industry is powered by its investors. The more you know about them, the better you can tap into their interests. We provide you with the right Dubai real estate database to extract details about property owners and their contact details. It is of great advantage to real estate agents and companies. It comprises Dubai property owners database, both commercial and residential, so that you can reach out with investment proposals accordingly. 

    Real Estate Database Collected the Modern Way

    WasilaDatabase takes great care in developing databases for the real estate industry with modern tools and techniques. We have been collecting, sorting, and storing them using the latest technology. We segregate the data between commercial and residential real estate. Our experts do implement artificial intelligence to make the data more relevant, reliable, and accurate. Real estate agents and companies get refined lists of their potential clients and investors.


    Closing a Deal is Made Easier

    WasilaDatabase Real estate data providers are bringing you market insights and user details to accelerate your planning and decision making. Stop wasting your valuable time on sending out cold emails where you never hear back from the property owners. Gain insights about property owners who are active in the real estate and ready for further commitments. Making informed decisions results in better return on investment. Once it all goes well, closing a deal seems to be a common chat message. 

    Dubai Real Estate Database: What it includes?

    Working in real estate is challenging. Finding prospects and making them invest in a project is an excruciating job. With our real estate investor database, you can instantly get familiar with a number of people who are highly converting into your clients. We provide details of hyper targeted properties enthusiasts who never miss a worthwhile opportunity. You get:

    – Commercial Real Estate Database

    Get to know people who own and manage commercial properties. Find their contact details from our provided database to suggest them more options. They take a keen interest in expanding their investment portfolio and adding more streams of income. Commercial property is subject to a higher return on investment besides its market value appreciation. Explore them in our well-knitted list. 

    – Residential Properties Record 

    Residential investors vary in category. They may be individuals looking for a space to live with their families. They may want to upgrade their residence or looking to invest, safeguard their savings, and make money out of it. Do you want to know more about them? We have them all covered in our Dubai real estate data along with their contact and other details. Our team of experts have listed some of the best database of property owners including the locals and expats. Log in to the details before browsing further. 

    – Real estate Agents Friendly Database

    Dubai real estate agents also act like a financial advisor when it comes to investment options. They have a vision and experience of real estate. We help them get more insights about property owners to make their marketing efforts more effective and fruitful. Find a detailed list with their names, contact numbers, and other personal details in a well-researched database. 

    What do we Offer in Dubai Property Owners Database?

    We have a complete list of Dubai property owners database. It includes all the relevant and important details an investor may need to know. It includes:

    • Area Name
    • Building Name
    • Apartment Number
    • Commercial Unit Number
    • Owner Number
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Gender
    • Nationality

    Get the entire database downloaded into your device or PC to use it at your convenience. It is available in excel file format.

    Why Choose our Real Estate Database in Dubai?

    We have expert knowledge about the real estate arena of Dubai. Our well spoken property enthusiasts are aware of any major and minor development in the industry. As a result, the data stays relevant, recent, and error-free. We are proud to share the best real estate database to meet your investment, sales, and revenue goals. Our clients prefer us for:

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    – Trusted Sources

    The database is compiled from multiple sources to mitigate the risk of inaccuracy. Relying on a single report may put the record dubious or incomplete. It is among our top priorities to feed the database from trusted sources only. 

    – First-hand Knowledge 

    Being resided in the local market of Dubai, our team of experts keep on tracking and updating residential and commercial property ownership in real-time. With their first-hand knowledge, there is no lag in information. Access to all fresh and authentic data.

    – Verified Contact Details

    With a team of well-groomed data managers, we compile a list of verified contact and personal details only. There is no reason in filling up excel sheets just to dodge the client with more information. We keep it clean with verifications.

    Focused on Real Estate Anywhere in UAE

    By putting your needs first, we have collaborations with real estate market data providers from far and wide. Thus, providing you more focused and comprehensive solutions. If you need to know about the property owners, drop us a message and we will share details about them.

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