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Carefully Collected Retail Database of UAE

Why spending hours collecting information about the retail industry of the UAE when the entire database is only a few clicks away.

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    UAE Retail Database

    Get updated Retail Database of the UAE

    WASILADATABASE is among the few database management companies that deal in providing data for retail businesses to rely upon. We are proud to serve the retail industry with relevant and timely information to help them achieve marketing and revenue goals. To help them meet weekly and monthly targets, we provide customer data that is categorized according to their behavioral details.

    Extract Specific Details about Retail Customers

    We have been maintaining sheets and records about retail customers in real-time. Any change and development is reported as soon as it happens. Therefore, it reflects in our database accordingly. Furthermore, we have classified the data to help you easily filter customers by their purchase history and other details. The categories you can take advantage of includes:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Locality or town
    • Most purchases
    • Most favorite stores

    Take Informed Decisions with Retail Database

    Running a retail business seems to be easier when you have the information about your target audience. However, working with the online buyers is a bit difficult as they hardly leave their traces. They may be visiting a number of online stores and comparing a lot of things. It may be the price, quality, variety, or authority of a brand that attracts them to place the order.

    Being in the UAE retail business, it is mandatory for you to know their preferences and interests so that you can reach them out with more appetizing deals and product collection.. Get our UAE retail database for detailed insights about your potential customers. Our data help you find:

    • People buying a specific product
    • People interested in a set of products
    • The stores and websites they visit the most
    • Online stores that are getting the most orders
    • Best selling items on various stores
    UAE Retail business

    Combining these details with other web analytics can help you draw a clear picture about the target audience. You can access more information like Common user behavior, the products they show interest in, and the trending products in retail business.

    UAE Retail Database

    Pursue Higher Revenue Goals

    Retail business is all about increasing the revenues to meet interim and annual goals. Our UAE Retail Database can help you a lot in achieving so. You get advanced data and insights about user behavior, based on which you forecast sales for upcoming products or campaigns. Using a data-driven approach, you can make the most out of a campaign and serve more retail customers and generate more revenues.

    How Retail Database Benefits Your Business?

    Carry a retail business more confidently by getting access to a database relevant to your marketing needs. You have to carry research for every aspect of a retail business. Whether it is about launching a new product, acquiring customers, and increasing sales. All the information and insights you need are provided in the retail database along with the following benefits.

    UAE Retail Database

    – Better inventory management – Based on the speculation you make about sales, you can better manage inventory of your retail business. No need to stock more products if the sales are going down in the next quarter or possess more if a higher trend is forecasted in the next months.

    – Gain Customer Insights – Our retail database includes valuable insights about your target customers. You can evaluate their purchase power by evaluating their shopping history from the record. Be more confident in targeting them with a product they are familiar with.

    – Increase Sales – Boosting the sales figure is only possible when you are reaching out to prospecting customers with incentives and discounts. Showing such offers to people you never know may not come back with a higher return. Know them and sell them the items they need.

    Why buy our UAE Retail Database?

    WASILADATABASE is committed to database management for a variety of markets and industries. Over the years, we have acquired excellence in collecting information and market insights that ensures the success of our clients. Retail business market is also among the saturated ones in the UAE. Succeeding in your business is only possible if you know the most selling products and why customers are interested in them the most. Join us to apply the knowledge to your advantage.

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